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White Sands National Park

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

By Keira Flowers

Ever want a place to get away? Although this attraction isn’t very exciting or colorful, it is still a pleasant area to sit and relax or play around. The White Sands National Park, located in the village of Tularosa Basin in New Mexico, is a place surrounded by white sand. It stretches approximately 176,000 acres and contains gypsum crystals, meaning the sand is pretty white!

You might be asking if there is anything to even do there, and the answer is yes! Some activities include:

  • Sandboarding

  • Boardwalk

  • The Nature Trail

  • Playa Trail

  • Luke Lucero

  • Holloman Lake

  • The Sunset Meeting Area

This park is very underrated so not a lot of people visit this place. Usually, when people go, there is little to no one there, so they have the dunes to themselves! The more popular areas are the Lakes. A lot of people camp in this area in their RV’s right by the lake! Beautiful views like the Sunset meeting area, sand, and lakes can be seen just by a hike.

This place isn’t all lonely, there are a lot of various creatures that roam the area. Some include:

  • Mammals

  • Birds

  • Amphibians

  • Reptiles

  • Invertebrates

There are many more categories of animals found in the park but those listed above are some of the most common found there. Be sure to wear sunglasses, lot’s of sunscreen, moisturizer, and a hat. The right shoes consist of hiking sandals, tennis shoes, or go barefoot! The sand is very soft and gets in any opening it can find in your shoe which is important to note with your attire. Your attire also matters on the time of year! Additionally, some people also suggest bringing a whistle in case of any distress while exploring the desert.

  • February - May: This time of the year may or may not be the best time to visit this place. During this time, gusts of winds can come from nowhere and can cause some people to feel disoriented.

  • June - September: The hottest time of year. It’s better to visit very early or later in the day to avoid any sunburns. Around this time it also tends to thunderstorm!

  • October - November: Most likely the best time to go although, this is the coldest time of the year. Overnight can feel like freezing temperatures but this is when most of the plants such as the cottonwoods change color!

Whether you enjoy the desert in the Antelope Valley or not, the White Sands National Park is definitely a place worth visiting.

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