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Keira Flowers

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Keira Flowers is in her Junior year of high school as she has been doing journalism since sophomore year. Beginning only about a year ago, she started off with high hopes as those thoughts have never decreased over time. Journalism in her eyes is a really fun elective! Her responsibilities working with journalism is to write creative and maybe major event articles that keep readers reading. She participates in clubs such as BSU, Earth Club, and some key club events. Some things she enjoys doing in her spare time include drawing, writing stories, ice skating, and maybe playing some piano here and there, really anything that she wants to do at the moment. A little about her family, they love to travel and explore different parts of the world, there was never a time when her family didn’t feel like going out. As she starts to work with the broadcast team, she has an open mind, and is excited for the things that the future holds for her!

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