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Valentine Poem

By: Emily Ibrahim

Here's a Valentine's Day poem about the Remembrance of Lost Love.

Months go by

I rage and brood

To see beautiful eyes

Volatile in every mood

One missed call

I send a quick text

Trying not to fall

Overthinking one message and the next

I look around and pick a daisy

Transported to a simpler time

I might’ve been able to escape the crazy

He loves me, He loves me not, my heart rate climbed

I sit at night and stare up

Imagine holes in the ceiling as stars

Turning over, grabbing a small cup

Remembering the fateful night at the park

My memories like to play tricks on me

They swing around and play hide and seek

Though I don’t mind paying a small fee

If I get to recount times not so bleak

Yes it was fun to play pretend

And I wish it were true that it doesn’t have to end

However with time comes knowledge

And I recognize I’m due to forget the wreckage

Parks and daisies

Or maybe it was daisies then parks

It doesn’t matter to me

So long as I leave, gazing upon the stars

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