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AVC Dominates College of the Canyons

Updated: Feb 2

By Thomas Jenkins

On the Friday night of September 3, 2023, AVC successfully defended their home turf against College of the Canyons. In a vicious battle between the two competitors, AVC dominated with a 1-0 score, making the Cougars return home with their heads down in shame.

The screams and whistles of the crowd echo throughout the stadium as AVC exits the tunnel to face COC. Both teams enter the field and the game kicks off at 6:54 p.m. It’s apparent these competitors are both at Marauder Stadium to leave victorious as players clash to keep possession. In the nineteenth minute, AVC sees a chance to take the lead when they get a free kick on the top right of the box. Matthew Gamero, on the kick, floats the ball over the far side of the goal only to be cleared by COC showing they’re not going to concede anytime soon. In retaliation for AVC's previous attempt to score, COC creates a counter-attack down the left side of the field in the twenty-fifth minute. Jacob Davila on the counter cuts back into the middle of the field taking a powerful strike to the bottom right of the goal, only to be deflected by the AVC defender, Roberto Vargas. In the thirty-eighth minute, on an attack on COC up the left side of their box, AVC gets fouled, rewarding them with a penalty. Stepping up to the mark is Damon Smith who shoots a perfectly placed ball into the bottom right corner, letting AVC take the lead 1-0. Tensions rise between AVC and COC as yellow cards begin to be given out marking the beginning of an aggressive second half.

Kicking off the second half, COC brings their all, threatening AVC for the lead. Looking to even the score in the forty-ninth minute, with COC on the attack, they take a bending shot into the top left corner of the goal, only to be saved by the keeper’s fingertips. AVC answers back by frightening COC in the eighty-first minute with a strike by Luis Avila which just misses the top right corner of the goal by two feet. COC panics and are unable to find AVC’s half, holding on only by continuously fouling the other players. This only opens more opportunities for AVC to intimidate COC. Continuing to pressure COC, Chisom Ene plays a byline from the left side to Alex Araiza who seems to place the ball on the goal frame, only to miss by just scraping by the post. As COC’s hopes diminish, they find a last-minute chance from forty-five yards out to even the score. COC floats the ball over AVC’s box when Damon Smith leaps up high to destroy any hopes of COC. As the ball comes to a stop, three whistles mark the end of the game resulting in a 1-0 win for AVC.

If you would like to experience AVC’s games, visit AVC’s athletic page for more information on their schedules. All AVC students are allowed free entry into AVC home soccer games.

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