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The Different Forms of Self-Care

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Elizabeth Quinteros

To expand on last month's article relating to the stress that SOAR students face and the burnout that collectively happens, self-care comes in different shapes and sizes. It won’t look the same for everyone and different activities will work better for others. But what are these activities? What if I don’t know where to start on my journey of self-care? It becomes more clear when the idea can be separated and looked at in smaller parts.

When it comes to self-care, it can be divided into six different categories that people tend to practice or work on. The six types of self-care are emotional, practical, physical, mental, social, and spiritual self-care.

Emotional self-care is all about connecting to your emotions and reflecting on them, it will include:

- Talking with a therapist

- Writing in a journal or diary

- Creating art

- Listening to music

- Accepting your emotions and not suppressing them

Practical self-care helps you with everyday aspects of your life and prevents stress from happening in the future, it will include:

- Organizing your closet

- Creating budgets

- Developing healthy routines

Physical self-care improves your well-being and physical health, it will include: - Getting enough sleep

- Eating healthy

- Staying hydrated

- Working out in a healthy way

- Going for a walk

Mental self-care will help stimulate your brain and work on your intelligence, it will include:

- Reading a book

- Playing brain games like puzzles or crosswords

- Going to museums

Social self-care helps the relationships you have with other people in your life, it will include:

- Spending time with family members

- Going on dates with significant others

- Hanging out with friends

Spiritual self-care will help grow and nurture your spirit and doesn’t necessarily have to relate to religion, it will include:

- Meditation

- Yoga

- Taking in nature

- Self-reflecting

The different activities that were listed are just a small portion of what you can do to help take care of yourself. It will just need a lot of experimenting, trial and error in order to find the perfect form of self-care that suits your needs.

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