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Elizabeth Quinteros




I am Elizabeth Quinteros but I usually go by Lizzy. I am the newly appointed Secretary of Journalism and I am really excited to be part of this amazing team. Other than working on TheSOARce, I am a Soar Ambassador. As a SOAR Ambassador, I mentor the incoming freshmen and help them get acquainted with their new environment. Within TheSOARce, I also work on the Junior Podcast that helps Juniors know about upcoming events, talk about relatable topics, and even get the opinions of current Juniors. I want to pursue a STEM career. The majors that interest me are molecular biology, biochemistry, and chemistry. Outside of school, I like to listen to music, paint, and play with my cat Henry. My goal is to make articles that appeal to students, help improve TheSOARce, and work on the new podcast. 

Articles Written by Elizabeth Quinteros

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