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​​The Craziest News: Kim and Khloe Kardashian Take Out Their BBLs… Butt Why Do People Care?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Chloe Gordon

Khloe (aged 37) and Kim (aged 41) Kardashian. Clicking on the photo gives you access to a TikTok explaining how this news is more problematic than people believe.

The Kardashian Family has been idolized for living what society would deem as 'successful' lives. They are rich and beautiful and built their empire based on this fact.

Many plastic surgery accusations have come up due to the family's curves getting wider and waists getting smaller. However, despite denying all allegations, the general public knew they 'fixed' their features by ‘going under the knife.’

Recently, it was noticeable that the two Kardashians Kim and Khloe have removed their BBLS.

But why do people care?

The BBL surgery is known to cause earlier death due to the fat taken from other areas in the body that is injected into one's behind can block blood vessels in the lungs.

Many questioned why women would still go through this surgery despite knowing this fact. Due to the pressure of women fitting into unrealistic beauty standards, many women are willing to put their bodies at risk to meet them.

Excitement has risen due to the theory of the 'BBL era' ending. Even though it may seem as if there is progression being made to end unrealistic beauty standards towards women, rude remarks have been made which severely affect bigger women, especially if they are women of color.

It is common knowledge that society deems people as beautiful if they fit European beauty standards. Having white-passing individuals such as the Kardashians get surgery to have features that are more so associated with women of color caused these features to gain popularity.

"Ethnic features" that are considered to fit closer to the European beauty standard on white and white-passing individuals have become the new beauty standard.

It is understandable for women to get excited for this "era" supposedly coming to an end. The Kardashians pushed unrealistic body portions for women. It is unrealistic for women to have slim arms, legs, and waists while having very big curves.

However, some concerning insults that will affect women who hold more fat on their bodies, especially women of color, have been made. On the platform TikTok, many women are celebrating the fact women with "unrealistic" bodies will show up less on their 'for you' pages. It is noticeable very thin bodies are slowly coming back into trend. Or, more “realistic bodies” as some people deem. Even though forcing women to look one way isn't realistic in the slightest.

The reality is women are forced to fit into European beauty standards, which becomes an even harder task when you do not come from a European background. The Kardashians taking their BBLs is not revolutionary as people think it is. It just proves that society has not become more accepting of “ethnic features” on women. And that they profited off these features until it served them no more purpose. And now many women with these features are being targeted for something natural for them.

The issue is forcing people to fit into unrealistic beauty standards instead of realizing everyone is born differently and accepting it.

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