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 Chloe Gordon


Chloe Gordon is a writer and editor for the SOARce, SOAR High School’s reliable and entertaining newspaper, which is produced by the hardworking and talented class-club Journalism. During her time inside and outside of the class she tries her best to help out other staff when it comes making ideas when it comes to planning events, writing articles, and so on. Chloe lives in a nice house and is always surrounded by her welcoming, loving family and her adorable, chubby pet cat. During her free time, she mostly does simple activities such as watching movies, anime, playing Mario Kart, and so with her loving and caring family and friends. Outside of her busy academic life and responsibilities, Chloe enjoys catching up on any anime or shoes (she procrastinated watching), and other leisure activities or hanging out with her friends or family as much as possible, especially since quarantine has finally ended.

Articles Written by chloe gordon

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