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SOAR welcomes class of 2028

By Staff Reports

School is officially in session for SOAR's newest students as the Class of 2028 begins its second week of instruction.

About 127 students from middle schools like SOAR Prep, Palmdale Aerospace Academy, Joe Walker, Fulton & Alsbury, Linda Verde, Knight Prep, Endeavor, Piute, Amargosa Creek, Palmdale Learning Plaza, Cole, Hillview, Dos Caminos, and other campuses began their SOAR journey last week.

As is standard, SOAR freshmen attend summer school to complete their health requirement. They are joined by the Class of 2027, who are also on campus to complete their second year of PE. In addition to health, freshmen also participate in SOAR's traditional Summer Bridge program. New this year is a curriculum dedicated to teaching SOAR's newest students about what it means to be a STAR. Each week, they learn more about being a Self-Advocate, Teachable, Accountable and Respectful by SOAR faculty, including Mrs. Jefferson, Mr. Sedlacek, Ms. Campos, and Mr. Newman.

Soon, the Class of 2028 will be paired with their mentors through the SOAR Ambassador program. These mentors add another important layer to helping these STARs in being successful. They not only lead different workshops each week as part of Summer Bridge but will be a constant presence during their entire freshmen year.

Summer School ends July 26 and will culminate in ASB's Summer Mixer, to be held after school in the AVC cafeteria.

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