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Playing Death Games Can Be Fun!

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Chloe Gordon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a parallel universe where you have to fight for your life by playing silly games? The plot of Alice in Borderland takes the audience on Arisu’s journey of surviving the strange world of Borderland. As he meets more people throughout this new universe, they explain each game helps them extend their living visas. Depending on how much of a challenge the game is for the players, it can grant them up to ten more days to live.

And, of course, if they fail to complete the game, they can die brutally. Every player receives instructions, a phone, and sometimes tools to help themselves when trying to win these games.

Even though the majority would not want to give their life up for a game, there are a few games that seem fun to play despite the consequences. Your grandma would be able to beat these three games from Alice in Borderland:

1. Witch Hunt

Players receive a certain amount of time to figure out who the witch is and burn that player in a fire. In the directions spoken to players, it states the witch is the player who murdered the innocent person lying dead in front of them. The role is also not limited to a female-presenting player. What makes this game simple is the answer was obvious: the witch had already murdered themselves, so all they had to do was drag that deceased player to the fire to win the game.

Completing this simple task allows players to gain the maximum amount of 10 more living days.

2. Light Bulb

This game involves players deciding which light switch turns on a light bulb hidden inside a room. When the door is closed, the players can turn them on as much as they want. If it is open, players can only flip one switch. They must announce the answer before the water rising below them reaches the electrical wires hung above them. For this situation, there are two simple solutions. The first method is flipping a switch and waiting for at least thirty seconds. Then, check to see if the light bulb is hot. If it is, that switch is the answer. Another way is to use their phones to record when the light bulb comes on by placing them in the hidden room.

Using these simple techniques helps players receive more living days on their "visas."

3. Distance

Best for last, the game of Distance. Players first start on a bus and are given a time of two hours. However, they can explore throughout the tunnel. Unsurprisingly, the catch is the starting point is the goal. The word goal is even written on the bus for players to see as they enter it. To win, players must stay on the bus and do NOTHING until the time is up.

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