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Jordan Haworth Peele

By Keira Flowers

Ever seen the new movie, "Nope" which came out a few months ago? An alien disguised in the sky is sought to be a predator as two siblings try to figure out how to get rid of it. Well, who could have had that idea? Jordan Peele. He's made several other breathtaking films like Us, the new Candyman, Get Out, and many more as well as films for children.

Jordan Peele is an American actor, filmmaker, and comedian, usually making movies based on comedy or thrillers. Jordan Peele was raised in Manhattan by mainly his Mother as he attended a public school in elementary school. In Highschool, he switched public schools. Then he went on to attend Sarah Lawrence College where he took a puppetry class but later found out comedy class would be a better fit. After finding this out, he became a member of a comedy troupe with his classmate Rebecca Drysdale, and then created Two White Guys. In 2002, he became a member of the theater group Boom Chicago and during a comedy show, he met Keegan-Michael Key where they became partners and performed a sketch comedy on the TV show MADtv. His success on the show led him to stay until 2008. In 2012- 2015, the two created a Comedy central series titled Key and Peele which was later awarded the Peabody Award in 2013.

In 2017, he directed and wrote his first movie, Get Out, where he was the first African American to receive an Academy Award for best screenplay.

Get Out can be titled as dark humor, horror, or social commentary according to a lot of articles discussing this movie online. It first starts out as a interracial couple; Chris and Rose, as they talk about going to meet Rose’s parents. Chris is a little weary of the parents getting used to the interracial couple, but nonetheless, they’re still nice to him. However, his suspicions get even worse as they go to find out the family is controlling African American people’s minds to become slaves.

In 2019, he produced, directed, and wrote the horror film Us. (He also did a little bit of voice acting)

Us is an American Horror film which goes over the topic of inequality and who’s side you might stand on in the end. It begins with a little girl, Adelaide, going into a beachfront home as she seems to see her doppleganger. We then cut to her older self with a whole family, but something seems to be off with Adelaide as it seems something wrong is about to happen. We then get to see the family kill off their doppelgangers as it’s revealed the clone from the beginning was the original Adelaide, being strangled by the Adelaide that had a good life.

In 2021, he produced and co-wrote the new Candyman alongside Nia DaCosta, Ian Cooper, and Win Rosenfeld.

Just like the original Candyman, say his name three times in the mirror and he is destined to come. It gets pretty messy when the main character finds himself getting obsessed with the legend and saying it himself. Now fighting to beat the curse and trying to convince his wife,he becomes the legend himself in the end.

What do you think about Jordan Peele’s movies? Do you like them? I personally like them and would recommend them if you haven’t watched them yet! Also, he is in a netflix original cartoon, Wendell & Wild, you should give it a watch!

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