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How to Adventure

By: Tiahna Osorio

As semesters end and new ones begin it’s a bit difficult to reintegrate into the life of a student after the freedom winter break provided. However, there is a way to keep morale up with little money and little extra time. The solution is adventures. While most assume adventures require money, a beautiful destination, and a great deal of free time, adventures are much simpler and best taken in times of random downtime. This way of living is best summed by the known phrase “stop and smell the roses.” The more you focus on making even the smallest things into a joyous task the more you’ll find yourself embracing the child that exists under the layers of responsibility, hard work, expectation, and anxiety.

Not only does noticing the little things help your mood, it also has an effect on your physical health. According to Healthline, “The positive emotions you experience when savoring life’s little joys could: improve heart health, strengthen your immune system, reduce pain, and stress lead to a longer life.” Mental health and physical health are closely tied and so the enjoyment of the small moments helps you feel better in all regards.

When it comes to how to adventure, we can look at the examples of some students here at SOAR. Xiomara Manzo says, “I like going to places in nature which would seem boring to some but I make it fun.” She does this by “Sightseeing, admiring my surroundings.” Another student, Martin Castillo, does this by inviting his friends over to dig a hole. Just a hole. It’s things like that that really show how the most mundane tasks can feel like memories in the making if you’re willing to take a chance and stop and smell the roses.

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