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Getting to know Mr. Newman

Updated: Feb 2

By Kendall Raposas

Staff Writer

“Physics is the fundamental science, all other sciences branch off from physics in some way.”

In some ways this quote might describe how Mr. Newman looks at life, in that there is a fundamental foundation in which all other ideas are built off. And much of that life is derived from science, which suits Mr. Newman just fine as SOAR”s newest physics teacher.

Transferring from Lancaster High School, Mr. Newman is a longtime teacher. He’s worked at Knight HIgh School in East Palmdale, Kapolei in Hawaii, and Salinas in Northern California.

He’s excited to come to the Stars campus because of its strong community of students and teachers. And he loves that he can help freshmen realize that anything is possible, not just in school but in life.

”I feel like a lot of children are underserved and don't understand what their real place is.” Teaching is very important and it's the teacher’s responsibility to make sure that the students can thrive in their classroom setting, he said.”

It might come as a surprise but Mr. Newman is not just a fan of science but also of literature and has published 11 books. His own son is named after the famous epic poem Beowulf. His novels include Dragon Queen, Dragon Princess, Bonds of Fate, and Doom of Light.

He explains that his books are mostly speculative fiction, which means that “it’s stuff that could never happen in the first place.”

His most popular series is called Chains of Prophecy and holds one of his favorite reviews.

“The main series that I have has been described as a cross between Supernatural and Pokemon, so that review made me laugh.”

If you're interested in learning more about Mr.Newman make sure to stop by his classroom(S3) and say hi or pick up a copy of his books. Be sure to let him know what you think when you're done.

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