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Classic Christmas Movies

Updated: Feb 5

By Katherine Gonda

When thinking about a nice, cozy Christmas night, a classic Christmas movie is a must. There are so many Christmas movies to choose from, but only a few can be considered the best Christmas movie. These movies include:


The movie Elf is a comedic fictional story that has filled many people’s childhoods. It tells the story of Buddy who was accidentally transported to the North Pole and ended up being raised there surrounded by elves and Santa. He finds out that he isn’t an elf, like the rest of them, and goes on a journey to New York to find his real father. This movie shows Buddy exploring the world and seeing just how different it is from the North Pole. When wanting to watch a light and funny movie, I can guarantee you Elf is the perfect choice. Our very own SOAR student, Geneieve Bernadino, says “It’s very entertaining and creative. It’s a holiday special that people watch near Christmas.”

Home Alone-

Home Alone is the perfect Christmas movie to watch with your family. It’s funny, emotional, and has a hint of suspense throughout the movie. This movie is about a boy named Kevin and his family planning to go to Paris together for Christmas. In a series of events, Kevin soon finds himself home alone with his whole family out of sight. Thinking that they are all gone for good, Kevin uses it as an opportunity for freedom and to do whatever he wants. Kevin then finds himself facing two burglars trying to break in. Without his dad there, Kevin nominates himself as the “man of the house” and does whatever he can to protect himself and his house.

The Polar Express-

I’m sure many people have seen The Polar Express dozens of times in school while growing up, which is exactly why I would consider it a classic. Getting to drink hot chocolate in school, not do any work, and watch this movie might be some people’s core memories during Christmas times when they were younger. Watching this movie again can bring back that same feeling. This movie is about a young boy who sees a mysterious train in the middle of the night. With his curiosity, he hops on the train and finds out that it’s heading to the North Pole. He then goes on a magical journey to meet Santa who is preparing for Christmas.

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