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A Journey With Journey: Happiness Being Single During Valentine’s

By Journey Artis

Hey all! Welcome back to our A Journey With Journey with Journey series. This edition will cover how you can find happiness and joy in being single during Valentine’s Day. Our goal is that you, our audience, can find just as much joy in looking forward to Valentine’s Day, as the happy couples around you do. Without further ado, let’s dive right into this month’s topic!

Ahh…the month of February has just come for the 2023 year! You know what that means, heart shaped desserts, love grams going around your school, and cute couple-y activities, that you will definitely….not be participating in. This year, you don’t have a boo to bring in Valentine’s with, you are definitely wishing some of those past situationships worked out….actually on second thought maybe not! Ok, all jokes aside, craving a romantic relationship is completely normal, natural, and healthy. For example, take a look at a quote from Everyday Health’s article titled, “Why We Have a Need for Affection,” which reads as follows, “The need for affection solidifies our desire to know we are compatible with another human being. It creates a sense of harmony in a relationship, especially when it is an intimate one.” This means that your longing for a relationship is completely normal and healthy in regards to your natural senses taking place. However, what is not healthy or acceptable, is beating yourself up about not being in a relationship, because quite frankly that is not a measurement of your worth as a partner or in general. We’re gonna explore some ways that you can feel better about being single this Valentine’s Day as well as what you can do with being single this Valentine’s Day. Let’s get right into our advice and activities!

Firstly, you must recognize that you are a full and complete being all on your own, without the need for anyone additional. You are a wonderful and beautiful human being, both inside and out, and it is important that you recognize your worth on your own before you try to get into a relationship, or catch yourself longing for one. Loving yourself and knowing that you are more than enough on your own without the need for a partner, will be paramount to your success in not mourning your lack of a relationship this Valentine’s Day.

*Note: If you need additional support to remind yourself of your worth, try affirmations!

Next, it is important to note that not every relationship is as it seems. A lot of relationships have toxic undertones that leave both parties feeling overwhelmed and unhappy. These undertones can come from many different roots within the relationship ranging from the relationship starting at the wrong time to unhealed trauma. This isn’t to say that this is all or even most relationships, however it is important to keep note of this the next time you catch yourself being envious of couples you see on instagram or in your day to day life. While you may think that they have something that you are longing for, there is a chance that they may be within a relationship that you would like to avoid at all costs!

Our last tip for feeling good about being alone this Valentine’s Day is to trust the timing. Everything happens for a reason, and everything takes place at the time that it is meant to happen. You may be longing for a relationship right now, however it just may not be the right time for you, for numerous reasons, all of which may not necessarily be a bad thing. Maybe, you might need to grow a bit more to sustain a relationship with the kind of person you desire, or maybe your options aren’t great matches for you so, it may be in your best interest to remain single as opposed to settling. Whatever, the reason may be, trust that everything happens for a reason and when it is meant to happen. Trust that what is meant for you will happen and will happen exactly as it is supposed to!

Ok now let's get into a few ideas for how you can spend your Valentine’s Day, single this year!

  • Have a Self Love/Self Care Day: Whatever this may look like for you, there couldn’t possibly be a better way to bring in Valentine’s Day than showing your mind, and body just how much you love it! Read your favorite novel, have fun working out, or do absolutely nothing! Whatever you may choose to do, make sure that you are showing yourself some love the whole way through!

  • Spend Time With Your Friends and Family: Perhaps being around others may lift your spirits. Catching a movie, going out for dinner, or perhaps hosting a game night with your loved ones, can definitely make you feel loved this Valentine’s Day!

  • Take Yourself On A Date: Ok, this may be a little corny but what better way to say, ‘I love you,’ to yourself than taking yourself out. Perhaps going to a fancy dinner, or even buying yourself all the Valentine’s Day gifts you want can make all the difference this Valentine’s Day!

  • Work On Your Goals: Perhaps you’ll gain a lot of fulfillment from pursuing your dreams this Valentine’s Day! Of course you should be working towards your goals throughout the year, but maybe focusing on what you want out of life can lift your spirits this holiday! Perhaps make it a little fun (or cheesy) and pursue your goals in an environment decorated with Valentine’s decor, or while snacking on your favorite Valentine’s snack, to bring in the holiday!

  • Speaking of Valentine’s snacks, you can try out different recipes and make them themed for the holidays! There are plenty of ideas that you can try online, or you can get creative with what you whip up!

Ok, everyone that wraps up this month’s A Journey With Journey! We hope you enjoyed this session and was able to take something away from it! See you next time and Happy Valentine’s lovelies!

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