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Zodiac Column: October edition

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Hannah Duffee

October Horoscopes

The month of spooky tales, fortune tellers, and dark magic is now upon us! October has been known throughout history as a time of strange occurrences and random supernatural incidents. In astrology, October is known as "the spirit of autumn," and people born in this month can have either Libra or Scorpio as their Zodiac sign.

What does your zodiac's position in the stars during this mysterious month have to say about your future? Want to know what advice it has for you for this month? Scroll down and sneak a peek into your future...if you dare!


You've been holding yourself back lately. Going back to school has led you to be confused about your place among your peers. Don't limit yourself! Let your authentic self shine through, and you'll end up finding your place.


Be honest with yourself. Something might be bothering you, or a relationship you're in might be toxic. Don't suffer in silence. Remember, you are amazing!


You're being pulled this month between your constructive thoughts and gut feelings. The conflict between what you know is right and what you feel is right will lead you to be confused. Listen to your inner voice! If something doesn't feel right, know that you can change it.


Don't demean yourself. You deserve love and kindness. This month will bring challenges to your self-worth, and you may feel extremely low at times, but remember to stay positive. You will learn to love yourself eventually.


Respect yourself! Towards the middle of the month, other people are going to start challenging your ideas and beliefs. Failure is possible, but if you keep following your goals, you will experience success and discover that your views are truly important.


You will experience a lot of unease this month. Between school, homework, extracurricular activities, and family responsibilities, you might feel an imbalance within yourself. For a while, you might even lose your way and have to adapt to new experiences. Focus on little things that make you happy, and you'll get through it!


Something just doesn't feel right to you about this month. Try not to jump to conclusions but listen to yourself whenever you're feeling off. It could be that October is the spookiest month of the year, but it most likely means that something is happening in one of your close relationships. Remember who you are and who you want to be.


Embrace yourself! During this month, you might find that other people aren't what they seem, and you'll begin to doubt yourself. Try to surround yourself with people you have similar interests and who can talk with you about the things you love to do most.


Challenge yourself and your personal growth this month. You may be taking a lazy approach to everything and won't find fulfillment in things you used to love. Try to take things seriously again so you can continue to grow.


Be careful who you trust. Take time alone to process your feelings and let them flow. Control of your emotions is key to handling your relationship with others. Remember, you are amazing, and you should be able to trust those around you.


Life has been rough for you lately. Keep your head up! Things will get better soon! Take some time for yourself to make things right for the rest of the month.


School has been very stressful lately. You could feel distanced and lonely this month. Take time alone for yourself! Meditation, sleeping, reading, and coloring are just some things you can do to destress.

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