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Who Are We Now?

By Rafael Almanza

A lot of us as teenagers feel influenced by films or other media that are shown to us by our parents that are meant to influence our way of living and certain manners that we are raised with. Unfortunately, around the age of 12-18, a lot of people are confused about what they express, what they feel, what they want, what they want to be when they grow up, their beliefs, or even how they want to live their life. Around this age, a lot of people are trying to find their interests and who they are, not to mention a lot of us, as students experience severe amounts of stress. This stress may be because of assignments or other events going on in our lives. When we were younger, a lot of us used to say we wanted to be a doctor or a police officer. However, many of us don't actually carry out these careers, since a lot of us find other interests in things that we might feel better at. Our coming of age is something that is very significant to us due to the fact that it is someone's journey from adolescence to adulthood.

A lot of teenagers go through different experiences or have different memories than other people. Meaning that we have different encounters, which can influence different levels of maturity. Many people are raised differently due to a number of different things, such as cultural influences and religion, but they can also be raised differently. For instance, there are parents or guardians that are strict about certain subjects about what is okay for their children, but there are also parents or guardians that are okay with them. Therefore, we as people have different encounters which can lead to different memories. However, in the long run, we are all able to have the same lessons learned in opposing ways.

A lot of people our age can act very differently from others, even if they are the same age. This is also because of the specific manners that we grew up with, since a lot of us go through different phases in life and possess different interests. Leading along with these manners, many cases come across where we confuse certain things. We as students make many mistakes because we are still figuring out how life works. Sometimes our parents can get mad at us for making errors, but through these mistakes we learn morals. This is another way of achieving maturity.

Lastly, our coming of age is not something that just comes naturally, rather something we don’t always notice. Our growth to become who we want to be can be very rough for us as people and can impact us, causing us to go through different changes such as mindset. Through this process we can overthink things a lot about who we are and even what we are doing today. Overthinking is one of the human mind’s toughest issues because while it’s not a choice, it occurs anyway. Mainly, we just need to focus on who we are and what path we want to take, as well as trying to remove certain things that you feel may affect you negatively. This will make you a better person for a better tomorrow!

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