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What to Expect at Carnival

By Hannah Duffee

For many, the school culture at SOAR High School can seem pretty dull for the first few months of the year. Events like Back to School Night and Homecoming offer a glimpse into what SOAR student life is like, but the competitiveness and energy of the student body really only shines through the textbooks and planners one day a year: Pep Rally. Coming into Pep Rally as a freshmen, my class did not know what to expect. We brought streamers and face paint and were met with fog machines, drums, banners, and full-on dance routines. What it meant to be a SOAR student came to life right before our eyes.

At the beginning of second semester, we started to hear about another student activity day similar to Pep Rally towards the end of the school year. Rumors about “Carnival” began to swirl around. Dunk tanks? Pies in the face? Sadly, none of the classes would get to see that year's Carnival plans unfold because of the pandemic. Coming back to in-person learning, I joined ASB and got the chance to help plan Carnival for the 2021-2022 school year. Last year’s carnival was the first for the class of 2023, 2024, and 2025. Knowing that and the confusion that can surround any new event for first-time students, here is a guide for what to expect at Carnival.

Carnival will be held on May 19, 2023 as a Student Activity Day from 9am - 12pm. This year’s theme is Downtown Disney! The entire day is held outside on one of AVC’s football fields. (This year’s layout will tentatively also include the surrounding walking area around and inside the Marauder’s Stadium). Clubs and classes are welcome to sell food and host games throughout the day and this year they will be required to have at least one free treat or activity available to students. There will also be a DJ, areas to sit and relax, and places to participate in sports or just hang out with friends. Additionally, ASB will have inflatables there for anyone who purchases a wristband. Wristband sales are Monday, April 24th to Friday, May 5th. The first week wristbands are 1 for $15 and 2 for $25 and the second week there will be a $5 increase to 1 for $20 and 2 for $30. Inflatables will include an obstacle course, slide, and more!

If Pep Rally is the event where you get to see the energy and competitiveness of SOAR students come through, then Carnival is where you get to see them relax, have fun, and celebrate the end of a hard school year. See you at Carnival!

Have any questions about Carnival? You can email Spirit Committee chairs Julissa Rincon or Crystal Mobaraka at or

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