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What Should I Bring?

Updated: Feb 5

By Isabella Rodriguez

Spooky season has passed and we now enter the Christmas season. Kidding, but now is the time for giving thanks, spending time with family and friends, and eating. Of course, every big family can relate to the struggle of deciding who’s hosting. Then once that's decided you still have to figure out what to bring!

To make things easier here's a list of a few Thanksgiving treats that many will enjoy. To start with a safer option that is guaranteed to be eaten is jello. It comes in so many different flavors. A fantastic tip is to add in fresh fruit and when serving, add a bit of cool whip on top and it makes the perfect sweet but not too sweet dessert. To make it look better you can even try using a nice mold.

Another dessert that can be varied to fit different tastes is pie. When you think of Thanksgiving you think of pumpkin pie, but not many people like pumpkin. So if your family isn't into pumpkin then another great pie is apple pie. Apple pies are personally my family’s favorite. They give the perfect fall cinnamon vibes and can even be made into mini hand pies.

Not everyone enjoys dessert; others might argue that a good savory meal is way better. One of our beloved teachers, Dr. Thibault can agree that her favorite Thanksgiving foods are more savory than sweet. “I like a good turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, and homemade bread rolls”. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I hope you’re worry-free and get to enjoy the holidays and the ones to come.

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