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Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Leandro Montoya

A new school year begins and two music artists are hoping to be successful in bringing their music to younger audiences this September. Both the Christian Rapper “NF” and the pop singer Taylor Swift are looking to dominate the music charts with their new albums “The Search” and “Lover” with different music styles respectively. Come find out what’s the deal with these two music stars!

As the new school year begins, students start looking for new music to please their ears as they go through multiple emotions. If you need new music to satisfy your ears, then you are in luck for the beginning months! There are always new albums coming out as artists try to please their audiences with new content. Some new up and coming artists along with well known artists are trying to establish their mark on the music world with their new released albums. Two artists that are among that list are NF( An up and coming Christian rapper) and Taylor Swift ( a well known pop singer and songwriter).

First, let's talk about the rising artist NF. Nathan John Feurstein, better known by his artist name “NF”, is a Christian rapper who had a breakout hit in the Billboard charts with his single “Let You Down” a year ago. What makes his music unique is that he raps about subjects in his music such as depression, loneliness, tough times, and many other types of issues. Today, rap doesn’t really mention those types of hard subjects. NF in August released a new album by the title “The Search”. This new album by NF goes deep inside the life and struggles of Nathan’s life as an artist and his struggles against mental illness such as depression. “The Search” debuted in its first week as the number #1 best selling rap album of 2019 so far according to Billboard. NF’s “The Search” is a good album to listen to if you are feeling down and need something to echo your feelings of depression.

Second, let’s talk about an already established pop artist. Taylor Swift isn’t a stranger to the music industry’s spotlight. Taylor Swift’s new album “Lover” talks about Taylor Swift’s love life and struggles with dating over the years as she has broken up with all of her previous relationships. Taylor’s music seems to have the same type of upbeat feeling with her music as she continues to gain the attention of most listeners in the US. Taylor’s new album “Lover” will be released late August/early September.

These two artists may have two different genres of music but, both of them are looking to keep their success going in their careers. So far,“The Search” and “Lover” have been doing well and have met the high standards that have been placed on both artists. Both of these artists are hoping that this recent success stretches out into next month.

Come listen to both “The Search” and “Lover” on Spotify or Youtube! This is what’s new in music!

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