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What's new and trending September 2020

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Sophia Uong

Every month has something new to offer us but September especially has been a hectic month to unpack. Here are some of the most popular trends that we have picked up in our journey through this month:


Bell Peppers

Two new food crazes have made their way to the internet! An interesting combo such as stuffed bell peppers are a must-try to those looking for new flavors. The combo originally consisted of cream cheese with any topping of your choice. A Tik Toker had an first attempt at this trend by making a sandwich with her own ingredients. Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey even critiqued her combination to be an “idiot sandwich”. People are still jumping onto this trend and are now trying their own unique bell pepper combos!

Hair Dyes

As seen by many celebrities and social media users, a ‘90s inspired hairstyle known as curtain fringe hair dyes have recently become an uprising trend on platforms such as Tik Tok. This aesthetically pleasing hairstyle has caught the attention of the current generation, influencing others to try out the trend for themselves. Others have even gone out of their way to try colors from bleach blonde to hot pink to light blue! If you were looking for a new style to explore, the dyed curtain fringe hairstyle is a great start to experimenting and switching up your looks.

Among Us

A popular murder mystery game “Among Us” has millions all around the world playing in real time. Similar to the game of mafia, Among Us is a multiplayer escape room based map where the innocent players known as crewmates work together to try to complete tasks to end the game while the killers try to hunt them down before they finish the missions. Among Us is an extremely fun game to play when you’re hosting with friends and family.


Highlighting some of the biggest trends that came up in the month of September was a must to see what crazy changes we have made without even noticing it. To finally wrap up this exciting month, it’s always great to see that we each had our own features from new food recipes, styles, to games!

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1 Comment

Crystal Mobaraka
Crystal Mobaraka
Oct 02, 2020

Such a good story idea, loved reading it, and staying up to date with Gen Z's trends haha!

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