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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

By Jair Argueta

Quiet quitting has been a big movement racing through TikTok and encouraging others to do the same, but what is this anyways? Quiet quitting is the act of “acting what you’re paid” which basically means that you only do what you are being paid to do. This is problematic to businesses and to those who are working, as workers are doing what they are getting paid for. This means they will have a very low chance of getting a promotion rather than giving it your best. It is also problematic for the businesses because when the employees are putting their best effort, they will give better customer service and this will make people who visit the business spread the word about how they were treated at this store or restaurant which will help more business come their way.

I think that it hurts both parties in my opinion. I think that it isn’t a very wise decision to “act what you’re paid” because it lowers your chance of getting your promotion and climbing the corporate ladder. I understand that it might be difficult for some as they want a work-life balance but it is also important to put all your effort in what is supporting your living as it will benefit everyone.

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