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Volunteer Opportunities

Want to get a jumpstart on your community service? Each SOAR student is required to have at least 10 hours of community service at the end of each semester which will be discussed within your AVID classes. Listed below are a few opportunities to take into consideration.

Quartz Hill Food Pantry

  • The Quartz Hill Food Pantry is constantly looking for people to help with bagging foods, sorting, packing boxes, drivers, people to help deliver food, etc. There are lots of opportunities for everyone! Check their Instagram @quartzhill_foodpantry for open opportunities and more information!!

AV Hospital

  • Are you interested in going into the medical field? The volunteer program at the hospital has many areas where you can explore your interests and experience what it is like inside the hospital. Hearing from one of our own, Mariah Valadez has been volunteering at the hospital for a while now, she explains, "In my opinion, volunteering at the hospital can really help us decide what we want to do in the future, especially when planning to go into STEM. I feel like for me I've realized that your idea of the job can be very different from the actual job. Getting experience related to what you want to do in the future can really put you ahead and prepare yourself for what’s to come. Plus it really does help with applications.”

Bark in the Park

  • Do you like dogs? Bark in the park is a great opportunity to get hours while having fun. Hosted at Sgt Steve Owen Memorial Park, Bark in the Park is celebrating its 30th year. You are surrounded by dogs and friends while being asked to do a variety of tasks. Sign up ASAP because spots are limited!!

Grace Resources

  • Grace Resources' main goal is to “eliminate hunger and poverty in the Antelope Valley, sharing the love of Christ in a tangible way by the giving of services”. They have many services available, such as a food pantry, infant and toddler care, clothing from Grace’s closet, hygiene, education, etc.

There are many ways that volunteering benefits both you and the people around you. By volunteering, you may improve the environment and strengthen your sense of community. People, animals, and organizations in need can benefit greatly from even the smallest acts of support. It might benefit you as a learner as well. Due to the fact that it exhibits commitment, passion, and a sense of civic responsibility, colleges frequently favor students who participate in volunteer work as an extracurricular activity. Volunteering can aid in the development of your leadership abilities, particularly if you are put in charge of a team. The abilities learned during volunteering can be utilized in numerous situations within the real world.

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