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Things to Look Forward to This Next School Year

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

By Maria Montoya

We are back in school again, some students are in their last year of SOAR, some barely beginning their journey at SOAR and some students are in between. With every new school year comes new struggles. For freshmen, I suggest reading The Ultimate Guide to Freshman Survival by Tiahna Osorio to help you better understand things you may need to know to survive your first year at SOAR. Moreover in the new school year there are also things to look forward to.

SOAR has tons of events that they plan for their students. Three school dances, the Haunted House, pep rally, and carnival are all events at SOAR. In October we have homecoming and Haunted House, December brings a pep rally, in February we have Winter Ball, March gives us Spring Dance, and in May we have a carnival. These aren't the only fun things that happen at SOAR for there is way more than just these events.

In addition to this, here are some things SOAR students liked about their years at SOAR and now look forward to. Senior SOAR student Kaedhyn says “The event I remember the most is pep rally in freshman year and the event I’m most excited for is prom. The pep rally is really something that sticks especially in freshman year since instead of being quiet in a classroom maybe doing our work, we get the chance to shout and give all our spirit as SOAR students. Prom is also something big to look forward to for it's a milestone, a place where it just says, we made it. Additionally, a sophomore student Jade tells us that she mostly remembers pep rally too from her freshman year. She goes on further to say "since the class of 2025 wiped and dusted and mopped the floors with you guys. I look forward to this Pep rally since the theme took me by surprise. And the freshmen have no idea what awaits them." SOAR scholars filled with the fighting spirit is exactly what the pep rally is all about and truly something to look forward to this next school year.

The pep rally is only one of many fun events at SOAR and though our students are very academically focused it doesn't mean we don’t know how to have the best of fun. So brace fast and let's all do our best so when these times come we can celebrate our achievements together.

Here I’ve added SOAR’s calendar with estimations of where some events will be since they’re not always on the same dates.


  • 7th Homecoming

  • 7th End of First Quarter

  • 12th Student Activity Day

  • 21st Student Free Day

  • 28th Haunted House


  • 11th Veterans Day, No School

  • 21-25th Thanksgiving Break


  • 16th Pep Rally!

  • 16th End of Semester One

  • 19th-31st Winter Break


  • 1st-6th Winter Break

  • 16th Martin Luther King Jr. Day/ No school

  • 27th Back to School Night


  • 14th Valentine's Day

  • 17th Lincoln B-day/ No school

  • Winter Ball (no date confirmed)

  • 20th Presidents Day/ No school


  • 1st Student Activity Day

  • 6th-10th AVC & SOAR Spring Break

  • Spring Dance (no date confirmed)

  • 17th End of Quarter 3


  • 7th Student Free Day


  • 19th Carnival!

  • 29th Memorial Day/ No School


  • 1st Last Day of School

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