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By: Matthew Ochoa

DC, A mess of its once-former glory, is a powerhouse rivaling Marvel in movie quality with some of the best films ever created like Dark Knight Rises, Wonder Woman, and Superman. But as time went on it went down a dark hill with their movie qualities failing to match up against their rivals becoming a joke. Sure they had a few good films but they had been slowed down thanks to controversies, COVID, and simply failing at the box office to make high-grossing films. The future seemed dark until a new face came into power.

James Gunn is famously known for making an unknown hero group into one of the biggest successes for Marvel a.k.a the Guardians of the Galaxy, along with repeating that success with The Suicide Squad (2021 film). Warner Brother Studios had put this man in charge of the entire franchise to hopefully save these failing films. As talk surfaced about this new promotion many people had good questions about how exactly James Gunn plans to fix the DCU and perhaps bring it to its former glory. Wait no more, James Gunn has posted all over social media a good idea of the plans he has to hopefully save the DCU.

In his plans, he had stated what films he had planned to keep (although some we wish he will switch the actors in the future or in the film they star in) which were the Flash, to make resetting the DCU much easier, Shazam Fury of the Gods, because of its self-contained consistency, and finally Aquaman 2 along with Blue Beetle which will help as he explains ease into the new DCU. Along with this, he confirms that films like Batman (2022) and Joker (2019) and tv shows like Teen Titans GO! Are not connected to the DCU and are considered DC Elseworlds, self-contained stories.

Finally, we have the new films that will be coming out nicknamed Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters. These are many new films that will all be connected via animated shows, from more live-action shows to the films themselves with each supposedly sharing the same actor to display the characters. Some DC creations that have been announced but not quite given much detail about are Creature Commandos, The Authority, and Swamp Thing. Some more familiar and hyped-up faces for shows are Lantern which will star two Green Lanterns Hal Jordan and John Stewart, Waller which will include Waller and the Peacekeeper team, and finally a show with a cult following superhero, Booster Gold. To finish things off there are 4 confirmed returning favorites with newer characters on the big screen with Batman Brave and Bold starring Batman with his newest Robin Damian Wayne, a first appearance for this Robin in the film, Paradise Lost, a film focusing on Wonder Woman battling for her home, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, sci-fi film describing the responsibility of Supergirl and what it means for her to be a hero, and finally Superman Legacy, the film that will start us off in this new chapter of DC that will hopefully knock our socks off.

All of these films bring excitement and anxiety to DC fans. Many question if James Gunn will truly succeed in reviving the DCU and perhaps even surpassing Marvel once more. Only time will tell and answer these questions. Let us hope this new Gunn in town can wow us just as much if not more than Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Entertainment.

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