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The Laughs, The Suspense, The EXPLOSIONS

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Written by Matthew Ochoa

Typically for a teenager to be interested in something from a TV show, we need 1 of 3 things: drama, action, or comedy. Upcoming shows are no different, adapting from both the drama of comic books, the action from hit video games, and scratching the itch of fun slapstick humor, so they are exactly what teenagers are craving. Starting us off is the new show starring the character Moon Knight, (Played by Oscar Isaac). This show follows a man who suffers from DID who finds a mysterious creature that seems to grant him powers, and because of this format, it is following a new type of genre for Marvel called physiological horror that is sure to play tricks on your mind. Although we only have one trailer it seems very exciting and will be coming out March 30th this year. If you are craving slapstick humor the Cuphead show might be just for you. Based on the hit indie game Cuphead, The Cuphead Show follows the chaotic adventures of Cuphead and Mugman, two young cup people getting into mischievous fun played by Tru Valentino and Frank Todaro. Watch this show for its funny humor and watch the two cups solve their sticky situations while fumbling through Inkwell Isles and even having to deal with the devil! It comes out on February 17th. Finally, we have our 2 shows that while not having much information would be sure to hype our teenage friends. Based on the hit video game Halo we will be receiving a TV show on Paramount+ following the one and only Master Chief and our first look at the new show will be coming out this Sunday during the halftime show. Another show that is very much still in development but is worth the hype is the newest show hitting Disney Plus, Percy Jackson based on the Percy Jackson series of books. This show was just recently greenlit by Disney so while it is very much early in development expect love for our favorite son of Poseidon. We will most likely be receiving news for more awesome shows soon but for now, that is all the news we have for upcoming shows.

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