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The Horrors of Racism Part Three: How it Haunts Blacks with Police Violence

Updated: Jan 25

Police brutality and gun violence against Black Americans as we know it is something that has been happening since the 1970s but it still takes place in the year 2020. A well known case of police brutality is when a black man named Rodney King was brutally beaten for drunk driving after a high speed chase. Now again even though he was drunk driving according to records, that is not a reason for a man to be senselessly beaten. Another incident is known by one name. Trevon Martin was killed at the age 17 when a neighbor from his relatives house saw him walking from a local store to purchase skittles and a bottle of soda, when he brutally beaten and shot by George Zimmerman who was charged with his murder but eventually aqquited of the charges after claiming self defense. Trevon was unarmed and on his way home from an errand to the local store to purchase a quick snack. You should be able to connect those obvious dots. White man sees a young black man in a hoodie, walking around, approaches him, a fight takes place (which should have also been assault on Zimmerman’s part), and then Trevon ends up shot and dead. This was one of few cases in this senseless loss of black lives that takes place daily in America and other parts in the world. A more recent case from the year 2020 which shows the deep injustice this country shows to blacks has to be the murder of Breonna Taylor in her own home by three police officers. They had a no knock warrant, barged into Breonna’s home where she and her boyfriend were asleep and most likely startled out of their sleep. Her boyfriend grabbed a gun possibly thinking that their house was being broken into. A gun battle took place and Breonna was shot nine times, and was killed. The officers were acquitted of these charges and will most likely never know justice for their crimes. This ridiculous loss of black lives due to the heavy racism and injustice in this country has to come to an end now. Today! However, due to us having such a long way to go both as the Black Community, and as a country as a whole, it will most likely not end for years to come.

Here it shows a picture of Rodney King, after the police brutally beat him. No one should ever come out of a police encounter looking like this, especially when their job is to serve and protect.

Here it shows a picture of Trayvon Martin taken, before his brutal and eventually deadly encounter with George Zimmerman. His life was taken from him before it truly began.

Here it shows a picture of Breonna Taylor, being honored for something she has accomplished. She lost her life, doing the most innocent and humane things of all: sleeping.

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