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The Holiday Hangout: A Fittingly Festive Ending to First Semester

Updated: Feb 5

By Juliet Jefferson

As the nights grow longer and the weather gets colder, you may desire warmth, comfort, and a good cup of hot cocoa. Fortunately, the SOAR Ambassadors were here to bring some holiday cheer in the form of their Holiday Hangout. Hosted on Tuesday, December 12th, the ambassadors expressed their festivity with a hot chocolate station, a snowflake-making craft, a DIY gingerbread house table, and so much more.

One student, TN Kinison, remarked, “I think it went pretty great, though I noticed that a lot of the ambassadors were struggling to get their mentees to show up. Overall, I would rate it a 9/10,” when asked about their experience at the Holiday Hangout. Another freshman, Cameron Juarez Razo, said he caught the event during its last 20 minutes, so the festivity had died a little down. He commented, “It wasn’t bad, but it was meh since by the time I made it, everyone was pretty much just hanging out.” However, even though Cameron didn’t think the hangout was all that exciting, he rated the event a 7/10, indicating that the event still held up despite fizzling out.

The purpose of this event was to give the freshmen class some space to breathe, take a break from their finals, and have some fun. Nearly every member of the Class of 2027 took part in the event held in the AVC Cafeteria, and they were short of nearly none of their mentors with around 50 in attendance.

The event is the latest in bonding celebrations between ambassadors and the freshmen Class of 2027. Previous occasions included Summer Bridge, Paint n’ Sip, and the Harvest Festival.

Not only do the Class of 2027 enjoy the events, but so do their mentors. 

Senior E’Niyah Berry has been a mentor for two years and said that the best part of the experience is the fun of planning, setting up, and executing each event.

“I love seeing people enjoy the events I plan and set up for,” she said, adding, “I also love helping freshmen with their problems and just talking with them.”

With the closing of the first semester, we can only appreciate the events that have happened thus far and anticipate what the ambassadors will have in store next year. Happy holidays, everyone, and have a fantastic new year!

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