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The Glitter Shortage

By: Crystal Mobaraka

TikTok viral videos imply that there is a problem with the glitter industry. So we will debunk the fact or fiction of the glitter industry. Starting with what glitter is and what it is made out of.

Glitter is a collection of tiny transparent particles in different sizes, colors, and shapes. The surface shimmers or sparkles due to the varied angles. Despite being smaller, glitter resembles confetti, sparkles, and sequins.

All the rumors and conspiracy theories started with a viral TikTok video posted by @maxedoutmommy. They posted regarding the mysterious purported lack of glitter. Her film, which has received over 1.4 million views, shows suppliers, the peculiar secrecy of the business, and theories about where all the glitter is going. Funny enough, Rae joyfully informs her husband about the predicament in the TikTok video using an educational PowerPoint presentation.

In addition to being complicated and requiring numerous processes, the glitter-making process is also incredibly confidential, according to Glitterex, a major glitter manufacturer. No one is permitted to "be in the same wing of the building as the room in which glitter was being made under any circumstances," let alone see or hear glitter being made. It appears that Glitterex's customers are also in the dark. Only Revlon, Inc. can be identified among the various international organizations Glitterex serves as a client conspiracies are being brought to people’s attention because people are wondering where this glitter goes and which products have glitter.

Obvious products with glitters include makeup and nail polish, but if we look closely, glitter is everywhere, even in products we would not think of. When it comes to celebrations, cards, beauty, and even school products, glitter always makes an appearance. So continuing with what made Tiktokers so curious was the manager of Glitterex, Lauren Dyer.

Lauren Dyer, the manager of Glitterex, will not discuss something other than the sector that represents Glitterex's largest market. We are not mentioning a specific customer; we are discussing a whole sector. She said, "Oh, God, sure," when asked whether she knew what industry it was. She said, "And you would never think it," before laughing. Simply put, let us leave it at that. Dyer said she would not disclose the business "because they do not want anyone to know that it is glitter." Okay, we must be aware. Lauren observed that it would be challenging to detect the glitter in this product upon closer scrutiny. "Oh, I am sure you could see something. However, I cannot, she said.” Why does that matter?

The madness that is spreading and causing all of these conspiracies is the fact that a huge company that we all love would like to stay anonymous. They want to stay anonymous not only as a glitter importer but also as an exporter. Unfortunately, this company is not going to be revealed anytime soon. There are endless theories and possibilities in this timeline. If researched enough, a person can end up in a rabbit hole.

So the question is, do you believe there is a glitter shortage? Why are there companies that want to stay anonymous? Let us know your thoughts below!


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