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The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures Guide

By Matthew Ochoa

Movies are a beautiful way to express yourself using cameras, editing, music, and unforgettable performances of actors and actresses. It is a way to show ideas and express opinions one would have on the environment, the people around them, or just what they were feeling like something funny or action-packed. Or it could easily just be a cash grab. However, there is one thought that emerges from the audience that is asked, how was this created? Well, The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures answers this question and answers in general how movies have been created, how they have evolved, and even how they have impacted us.

The tour begins with you watching tv screens of famous movies throughout history and how they slowly evolved into what they are today. After this, you go upstairs to the 2nd floor, where you learn about backdrops and how filmmakers can create the backgrounds and immerse the viewers into the scenes they see. The next floor goes into Spanish filmmaking along with showing how animators, who hand draw art and use stop motion, create their films and the problematic history behind characters. Along with the 3rd floor, they include props from famous films and how they use special effects to create favorite films like Terminator, Avatar, and Star Wars. Finally, on the fourth floor learn about the history of how black people were treated in the film industry, how cameras evolved to create films, how the Oscars evolved, and how they have overall impacted the lives of many.

These are just a few of the things that you can do at the Museum, not including the fact they have an Oscar Experience, a theater on the lower floors showcasing famous films, and a café serving exquisite (and slightly expensive) food! I would recommend to anyone who enjoys films and wishes to go into filmmaking to take a visit to this Museum and truly experience how films have evolved and impacted our modern world.

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