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Teacher Feature: Mr. Foote!

By Hannah Duffee

As you’re walking into SOAR, you may see students take a sudden right towards a collection of light brown portable buildings. In a sudden expansion of one of the tiniest schools in the district, six teachers moved their classrooms outside of the regular SOAR hallway. The farthest classroom away from the campus is home to a photographer, skier, paddle boarder, avid reader and writer, environmentalist, and hiker. Meet Mr. Foote!

Prior to coming to SOAR High School, Mr. Foote worked at SOAR Prep Academy, a junior high school located beside Quartz Hill High School’s campus.

“Many of our students wanted to come to SOAR High School. That was their goal,” Mr. Foote started, “And I mean, what a great thing to be a part of an early college high school where you can get your diploma and a degree at the same time. I knew if an opportunity [to work here] ever came up, I would go for it.”

And two years ago, it did.

Now in his second year of teaching at SOAR, Mr. Foote works with almost all of the Seniors and has a few of his students from the Prep Academy back in his classes. He teaches Civics, Contemporary Issues, Ethnic Studies, and Economics. Mr. Foote claims he “teaches what his passions are” and wished he had more time to dedicate to each subject. On top of all this, Foote is currently the advisor of multiple clubs including Key Club, MENA, Film and Photography, Book Club, and Debate Club.

Mr. Foote has received multiple degrees and credentials throughout his lifetime. He attended Glendale College, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, California State University Los Angeles, and California State University Northridge. He has a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s degree.

When asked his favorite thing about being at SOAR High School, Mr. Foote did not even hesitate with his answer.

“Students. No questions asked,” he stated, “I love their pluralism, intelligence, energy and integrity. I can teach exactly how I want to. We have so much fun learning together. My connection to all of my students is truly a blessing to my life.”

In a final note of advice to all of his students, Mr. Foote exclaimed, “Look inside yourself. Know who you truly are and live that life of integrity.”

A final thank you to Mr. Foote for being this month’s Featured Teacher!

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