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(A Guide on How To Spend Your Free Time During Winter Break)

By: Matthew Ochoa

So you just finished all your finals for High School and College, and you are back at your house after all this SOAR High School stress and finally get to relax. Now what? You hadn’t thought you would make it this far, now all you have is a bunch of free time, how will you use it? If you are asking these questions then this story is perfect for you.

Entertainment is always key to defeating boredom so the best option for you is to find something that can distract you. If you can keep focused on something for long periods a good movie would be helpful or binging a tv show if you wish to elongate your favorite shows watch 1 episode a week and have 7 shows for each day of the week so you can always be excited. Some show recommendations for shows that have recently ended in case you wish to binge it all are Andor (Disney+), Jojo Bizarre Adventure (Netflix), Wednesday (Netflix), House of Dragon (HBO Max), and Spy x Family (Hulu) to list a few.

If you wish to be a part of the action, playing games would help people who have shorter attention spans as you can get right back into the action if things feel slow. Some free-to-play game recommendations of course are Fortnite, Genshin Impact, Multiverse, Fall Guys, Call of Duty Warzone, and Apex Legends. Board games also help if you can gather friends/families.

Finally, if you just want to be distracted but feel like entertainment causes stress because you can be doing something, I recommend organizing your music playlists, cleaning your room, exercising, doodling, learning to tap dance, and learning how to pen spin. While these seem meaningless they can lead to you feeling more accomplished in your life and feel like you are actively doing something.

My last tip for anyone off on this break is to just socialize. All of these activities can and will be much more fun with a friend or family member. Don’t be a lone wolf, connect with friends, make memories and truly have fun. The more the merrier of course!

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