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Staying Safe After The Sun Goes Down

By: Maria Montoya

As of November 5th, the time was pushed back an hour due to daylight savings. With this time change and daytime being shorter, it could be unsafe during dark hours. So here are some ways you can stay safe when the sun has gone down.

First of all, be aware of your surroundings. Now, this may seem obvious but knowing where you are and where you are going is very important. Know what’s going on in your surroundings. This would mean, keeping music for a later time so putting away earbuds or headphones, not looking at your phone and watching where you're walking.

Second, keep your valuables hidden or in front of you. Never have expensive-looking things out in the open. If you are planning to put your wallet or phone away, it’s best to put other things in your front pocket.

Third, make sure you stay in public or crowded places. Anywhere where there will be people and people can see you. Potential threats will be discouraged if there are more people around. Even if there are people around and you still feel unsafe then you can try to go into any nearby store, ask to use a phone, and call someone you trust to explain the situation you're in. You can also go up to someone and pretend to know them and then explain your situation.

Fourth, use intersections and crosswalks. When crossing the street at night it’s most important to be doing it through crosswalks and where there are stop lights. At night it could be harder for drivers to see. Stoplights give time to cross without danger and provide light for cars to see. Which also brings the point of being visible.

Fifth, be visible. If possible, if you know you'll be out when it’s dark, wear reflective colors so it’s easier to see you. Yes, it may seem counterintuitive but it is easier to spot you or get you help if you can be seen. This also helps with crossing a street and being able to be seen by cars.

Finally, if you can arrange beforehand for someone to pick you up quickly or a taxi or Uber, do so. You could also try to arrange for someone or many people to meet up with you. It is way harder to attack a group than just one person.

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