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Spooktacular Cinema: Unmasking the Best Halloween Movies of All Time

By Matthew Ochoa

Staff Writer

The spookiest month is upon us and with it comes frightful events and horrific cinematic experiences. But sometimes we don’t feel like going out and we just want to get cozy with some hot cocoa and put something on to pass the time. But with how many movies that are out and about and so many options to pick from it can be almost intimidating and give you a fright instead. However, this article should be able to help you in deciding what horrific movies and thrilling films you should watch either by yourself or with friends.

If you’re one for more tame movies and simply just want to get into that Halloween spirit look no further than to watch The Muppets Haunted Mansion. This musical film is about Gonzo and Pepe attempting to get to a Muppets’ Halloween party but after getting lost they must attempt to escape the haunted mansion. This movie is the most mild of Halloween films and is sure to set the right tone for the rest of your spooky activities.

If you think that’s much too PG for your taste you can always rely on classics such as Halloween or The Shining. Both are considered much scarier while still being entertaining due to certain restrictions because of technologies based on their time. However, the kills and visuals can be much more graphical thus being more mood-fitting and proving to everyone you’re not that wimpy.

A quick recap for the uninitiated. Halloween is a 1978 slasher film directed and scored by horror director John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis. It takes place in Haddonfield, Illinois and centers on a mental patient, Michael Myers, who is in a mental institution following the brutal murder of his teenage sister. Fifteen years after the murder, Myers escapes and begins to stalk his teenage babysitter. The movie kicked off the Halloween franchise, with its latest film being 2022’s Halloween Ends.

The second film, The Shining, is an adaptation of Stephen King’s book of the same name. The film came out two years after Halloween and was directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick and starring Jack Nicholson. In the film, Nicholson plays Jack Torrance, a writer and recovering alcoholic who becomes Overlook Hotel’s newest caretaker. As the film progresses, Jack sanity disappears and the hotel’s haunted guests begin to take over. Will his wife and son survive? Watch the film to find out!

Finally, If you think you truly can handle anything horror throws at you, you must try Terrifier! This movie features Art the Clown, a sadistic murderous clown who finds joy in hunting and playing with his victims in order to give graphical and gorey kills to the audience. This film can be considered very hard to watch and is a challenge to many avid horror fans to finish but it will definitely have you feeling the bravest (or the most that can handle gore) than all your other friends giving you bragging rights and getting you in the perfect spirit for Halloween.

Now that you have a decent selection of movies you can now get cozy and hit play. Enjoy your horrific nights this October!

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