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Spending Valentine's Day Without a Significant Other

By Samantha Padilla

Valentine’s Day is a time when love is expressed through gifts and affection. Although it is a popular belief for this holiday to be dedicated to a s/o. There are many different types of love you have for different people which you can share. This doesn’t mean you need a lover, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated with friends, siblings, parents, pets, etc.

A few ways you can spend Valentine’s Day without a significant other include:

  • Spend the day with friends

  • Spend the day with all your favorite people, enjoy their company. It is a great way to show them love even if it isn’t romantically.

  • Enjoy a self care day

  • Feeling good and looking good go hand in hand. Practicing self care is a big contributor to self love.

  • Put your phone away

  • Although it is tempting to scroll on social media throughout the day, seeing everyone else’s couple photos won’t make you feel any happier or more confident.

  • Spread the love

  • Pick out some extra Valentines to give out. This doesn’t have to be limited to friends and family. This can also include people that make your life better, like your teachers, neighbors, first responders, etc. Love only grows stronger as it spreads.

Spending Valentine's day without a partner can make it easy for you to feel left out and alone. On Valentine's Day, try to remind yourself of all the good things you have to offer and show yourself love and compassion!

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