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SOAR Candy Survey Data

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Tiahnna Osorio

Spooky season is ending and what better way to end it than the one thing on many people’s: candy. The question though, is what kind of candies are the most enjoyed? Based on a compiled survey of the favorite candies of students we can conclude a general idea of what might be the favorite type of candy at SOAR.

The chart shows the more general data gathered. Based on this we can determine that chocolate, specifically bars, are very popular among SOAR students. While candies like non-bar chocolate candies are the least popular among SOAR students. In the more broken down chart presented below we can see that the most popular candies are Sour Patch Kids products, Skittle products, Kit Kats, and Snickers.

Most people’s favorite candies are extremely diverse when broken down like this. It’s important to note that the results of this survey were limited to about forty people with a mix of all grades, with a majority of sophomores and a slight under-representation of the freshmen and junior class. It is important, however, to still consider the data seriously as it does consist of many different types of people. Quiet and loud, bold and shy, senior and freshmen. Have fun this spooky season trying all the candies from the data, and you can determine whether the taste-buds of the other students are as dead as zombies!

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