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By Crystal Mobaraka

SOAR’s own Kevin Delgado made history last May when he became the youngest student ever to be elected as a board member of the Antelope Valley Union High School District. His first time serving on the board was last August, and most recently, when this photo was taken, October 19th, 2022.

Kevin’s work as a student board member of the district means that he oversees approximately 23,000 students spread across 21 traditional high schools in the cities of Lancaster, Palmdale, Littlerock, and other surrounding areas. He is the second S.O.A.R. High School student to serve on the AVUHSD after Noah Sveiven in 2019.

The SOARce met with Kevin to discuss his plans as the newest Student Board Member.

He goes on to state, “As Student Board Member, I aim to represent ALL students in the AVUHSD and successfully implement Student Mental Health days. I am allowing students to recuperate with these Mental Health days. Not just this, but I want to be able to fund more after-school activities at school sites that provide a sense of community and family.”

Kevin shows himself to be deeply motivated towards our students and even shows this with not any of the board but AVUHSD’s ICC team! ICC stands for Inter-Club Council, where student representatives from each high school meet multiple times throughout the school year to discuss all events and issues of our separate organizations in a district-wide community.

Kevin mentions ICC, “My plans for ICC are to have more schools participate. This year we have seen more and more schools, such as Littlerock High and the Alternative Sites, participate. We can do this by providing hybrid meetings (online and in-person). Another thing we added this year, which I believe was successful, is a Google Classroom that prompts us to think of solutions to problems in our school district and a Remind app that reminds the student that ICC is meeting at said time.” Finally, he adds, “The more representation, the more ideas, equals better representation on the Board of Trustees.”

Kevin cannot stress enough how much he wants to advocate for student's safety and comfort on different campuses. He always points out that if a student does not feel safe, then that is an issue that we need to address. Kevin believes it is a moral responsibility as a leader, which he has been fortunate to experience for the past 7+ years.

Kevin concludes, “Being an ICC Member and a Student Board Member that just so happens to go to S.O.A.R. High School is such a surreal experience as you need to look at ideas from other high schools from a different perspective. Things at different sites may seem odd but are normal and fine at other high schools. Such as sports, which we know are very popular across schools but here at S.O.A.R. is something that seems almost secondary. As a representative for all, I must understand things that may seem different but are normal elsewhere and vice versa. I am incredibly humbled that the ICC students feel I am their representative and can trust my perspective and voice to represent them.” Woohoo, Kevin!

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