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Sheri Nicole and Yung Gravy?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

By Crystal Mobaraka

Sheri Nicole and Yung Gravy? Is it a PR stunt? How is Addison Rae’s family reacting? What is going on? So many questions that need to be answered! This new item sparked some talk after the 2022 VMAS where Yung Gravy brought Sheri Nicole Easterling, a TikTok Star and Addison Rae’s mother. The couple was shown kissing, hugging, holding hands, and even some other things on camera.

If you don't know who the infamous Yung Gravy is, he is a well known rapper and has been getting spotlight on TikTok for some time now. He is known for having an attraction to older women — specifically moms. It had become a recent TikTok trend for teenagers to showcase their mothers to Yung Gravy through TikTok featuring his music, yet Sheri Nicole added her own originality to it.

From July 14th, 2022 to about mid August the two have made Tik Tok showcasing their newfound relationship and sparked all sorts of rumors. As known on TikTok, Sheri Nicole recently split with ex-husband Monty Lopez for cheating allegations with a younger woman. All of their shared children, including Addison Rae, sided with their mother. On August 3rd, 2022, Yung Gravy talks about his attraction to Sheri Easterling and how he is definetly going to be taking her out on date as soon as the couple can get together.

Monty Lopez then hears of everything going on between the couple and responds very immaturely through his own videos while replying back and forth through texts with both Sheri and Gravy. It reached a point where he invited Gravy to box him for views. In the midst of all of this, Yung Gravy responds back through a TikTok saying, “I just feel bad. I feel bad for his daughter. I feel bad for his ex-wife Sheri." He revealed, "[Sheri] hit me up and was like, 'Don't get involved,' so I'm steering clear."

Meanwhile Addison Rae has taken the time to unfollow both of her parents and steer clear of all of their drama and continue to focus on her makeup brand. Many fans are asking her to put her input or see how she is doing but she is not responding to anybody about the subject. Lots of fans feel sympathy for her as well,while others continue to make jokes at the expense of her family. So do you think that this is a PR stunt or do you truly think that Cherie Nicole and Yung gravy still have a long future ahead? Let us know in the comments below!

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