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Senior sunrise allows for Celebration of three years of hard work for seniors

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

By Shelby Sveiven

Students lift a parachute on the AVC football field during senior sunrise. (Photo: Shelby Sveiven)

On the morning of August 19th, dozens of seniors gathered on the AVC football field for donuts, music, and time to hang out with their friends.

Around 5:50 in the morning, most students had arrived and activities began. I tried to figure out how to switch out my camera lens, Kathleen Steffy ‘24 by my side. After I had figured it out, and the sun kept rising, we weaved through friend groups and began snapping pictures.

From somewhere in the bleachers, Bad Bunny’s “Me Porto Bonito” and Steve Lacy’s “Bad Habit” blasted through the stadium, over the sound of cameras taking pictures and students having conversations.

There were donuts, a photo booth, and a banner imitating the album cover of Un Verano Sin Ti, reading “Ultimo Verano Aqui”, meaning “Last summer here”, a symbol of seniors celebrating their final year of high school.

As the event progressed, students branched out their activities and while some were in line at the photo booth, other friend groups played with the parachute on the field and some sat in the stands, taking in the sunrise.

The event was also a really great way for me to improve my photography skills, as I was running around, figuring out shutter speeds and angles, and the best ways to capture the photos I wanted. Everyone was so energetic and happy, and the photos also came out better due to their happy moods.

Senior class president Yahany Francisco said her favorite part of organizing the event was decorating, and she said, “I really loved playing with the parachute with everyone, that was pretty fun and nostalgic.”

Katy Vargas also enjoyed the sunrise, saying, “I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and the donuts were good.”

Overall, senior sunrise seemed to be a great experience, and many students seemed to enjoy it as a way of celebration and having a good time with their friends.

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