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Saving Electricity During Inflation

By Samantha Padilla

It is undeniable that inflation has been continuously increasing and has had an impact on the costs of everything we need to live, from food to housing to the price of gas. Consumers are being increasingly compelled to spend considerably more for the same basket of goods and services as time goes on. The power and heating costs in my home are one expense that I've discovered to be overly high.

A few ways we can reduce this cost can be:

  • Unplug “vampire” appliances

  • Things that are plugged in but are not being used are still sucking up electricity. It is recommended that if it is not being used to unplug the item completely. These items can range from TV’s to charging cords. Also if you have a power strip with multiple outlets you can turn off the switch completely.

  • Use less hot water

  • Water takes a lot of energy to heat. According to “[hot water] accounts for 20% of home energy use, on average.” This doesn't necessarily mean taking cold showers instead of hot; just think about washing your clothes or doing dishes with cold water.

  • Don’t run appliances unless they’re full

  • Dishwashers, washers, and dryers take up the same amount of energy regardless of whether it is full or not. Although doing laundry loads at home is cheaper than a laundromat you should treat each home load as though you are paying for it individually.

  • Program your thermostat

  • A thermostat can draw a lot of power from those who do not have it set properly. I found online that,”You can save as much as 10% a year if you drop your thermostat down 7–10 degrees for eight hours a day.” If you know that you are going to be at school or work the majority of the day then the most efficient way to save energy is to turn down your thermostat. A programmable thermostat may be best for this and makes this process much easier!

Only a small portion of the numerous strategies for conserving energy and lowering electricity costs are included in the list above. It is evident how simple it is to make a few small adjustments to one's home in order to save money. Over time, small habits, affordable home upgrades, and wise purchasing advice can add up to significant energy savings!

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