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Reopening precautions

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Masako King,

Staff Writer


With the prediction that schools are beginning to open up in April, let’s look at what we should be aware of if we decide to go back in person. Just like the regular protocol, we are expected to follow for the last year in quarantine, maintaining social distancing and wearing our masks should be the first priority. Also to prevent the further spread of COVID-19, it is advised that we wash our hands often and carry around hand sanitizers.

Classes would most likely hold a significantly smaller number of students than usual with desks spread far apart from each other. It is likely that most schools will only take in several students at a time onto their campus. Staying away from public indoor places and from large groups of people in a small area is already known as a precaution since the beginning. Along with that, staying a good distance away from others, approximately six feet, is also a practice that we should have been following.

Wearing suitable masks made with materials such as cloth or surgical masks are recommended and to ensure safety for yourself and everyone else, you must properly wear your mask completely covering your mouth and nose. As many people have thought, wearing a mask does not mean that you can be closer to someone. Masks do not completely keep you from COVID-19 exposure but only lessens the chance of it.

As locations are opening up more and more through 2021, it does not mean that we should stop being careful about our own as well as other people’s health. By following and understanding these precautions, we should be mindful of our habits in public around people in order to contain the spread of COVID-19 so we could resume back to our regular lifestyles as soon as possible.


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