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Rebirthing the earth on earth day

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

By Masako King

Staff Writer


What do you love most about the planet that is home to approximately one trillion species known as the Earth? There is so much to love about the world's natural beauty, from the sakura trees to the serene crystal blue waters of the Maldives; these tranquil ornaments of Earth won't be here forever. Polystyrene foam takeout containers, batteries, coal, and one of the main contributors to pollution and a danger to life in the vast oceans and land, plastic bottles, have triggered climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and undrinkable water.

Hopefully, the reading above sparked an interest in nurturing and saving the planet because every April 22nd is a meaningful day where an environmental movement known as Earth Day comes around. Founder Gaylord Nelson, who worked as a senator of the U.S., couldn't ignore how not enough media or political attention was drawn into our home, hence the creation of Earth Day in 1970. This day also came with national legislation like the "Clean Air Act" and the "Clean Water Act." In more than 193 countries, individuals of various backgrounds come together with one goal in mind, to make the Earth a better living place. By collecting garbage, planting trees, signing petitions, and more, people show their support for this movement.

Senator Gaylord Nelson

Knowing the importance of the Earth and having the mindset of wanting to make significant progress will assist in the people of the world coming together to make a difference for this generation and those to come. Remember to stay green, not just on the 22nd of April, but to make it an exceptional habit for years on end!


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