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Protests in Iran

By Maria Montoya

The death of 22 year old Mahsa Amini on September 16 2022 was the start of ongoing protests and civil unrest against the Iranian government.

On September 16 2022 the Iranian morality police, in charge of enforcing laws mostly for proper Islamic dress, had arrested Mahsa Amini for wearing skinny jeans and not wearing her hijab correctly. had explained “Officials have claimed that Amini was detained for breaking the Iranian law requiring women to cover their hair with a headscarf and their limbs with loose clothing.”

Witnesses claimed seeing Mahsa Amini getting beaten while being taken to the detention center and she died three days later after being in a coma.

After her death there have been several protests in Iran which is said to have become the largest women's right movement in the recent history of Iran. As of now there has been an estimated 510 deaths during protests. Protestors chant “Women, life, freedom.”

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