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october is 'adopt a pet' month

By Yarespi Guzman

Staff Writer

Did you know that the month of

October is known as “Adopt a Shelter

Dog Month”? This dedicated topic was

created by the American Humane

Association to increase the adoption rate

of all dogs of all ages.

It is estimated that 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized each year in the United States. In California, shelters kill more than 100,000 animals who fail to be adopted.

People adopt dogs to give them a second chance at a good home after being dropped off at the shelter by their original owner. Listed below are some good reasons or benefits for adopting a shelter dog.

  • They make good companions

  • They can help reduce stress

  • You could make their life so much better

  • Buying a dog from the shelter is cheaper than buying one from anywhere else

Because of this dedicated month towards adopting a shelter dog, it is estimated that between 3-4 million dogs will find their forever home. If you are not able to adopt a dog but still want to help you can donate money, food, blankets or other items to your local shelter. The Antelope Valley has two local shelters. The Lancaster Animal Shelter is located at 5210 Avenue I, Lancaster, CA. The Palmdale Animal Shelter is at 38550 Sierra Highway, Palmdale, CA.

So will you be adopting a dog this month?

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