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New Summer, New Me! A Bucket List

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

By Hannah Duffee

Photo Courtesy of Junior, Nathan Ballesteros

As the countdown begins to graduation and summer, many students have already begun to plan and rejoice. It’s no secret that this transition year back has been tiring in its own unique way. For me, this summer brings with it quite literally a breath of fresh air. After a long year, I plan on taking the time to find myself again.

Coming back to in-person schooling, I found myself struggling to “fit” back in and be social in general. Suddenly, talking and socializing with others felt nerve wracking and a burden. Before, it was just a part of daily life, but coming back, I was rusty. Friends I had briefly made freshman year had grown into beautiful young adults. There were people in my class I had never spoken to before, but now they seemed a lot more approachable. In coming back to school, I not only realized how much I needed to catch up, but also how much time I wasted being scared of putting myself out there freshman year.

Every spring I make plans to be productive, but most of the time I waste June binge-watching TV and spend July getting ready for the next school year and taking family trips. This summer, though, I want to be productive, but I also want to have fun! If you need ideas on how to have a creative and engaging summer, here's a list of things you can do! (Based on my own personal bucket list for the summer).

Summer Bucket List

  1. Create a Scrapbook! (10) Movie Nights

  2. At-home baking (11) Sleepovers

  3. Write a book (12) Have a picnic at the park

  4. Paint/Draw (13) Practice Photography

  5. Go to the beach with friends (14) Participate in Theater

  6. Focus on summer classes (15) Change up your style

  7. Intern/work a part time job (16) Board Game Nights

  8. Volunteer with kids or at an animal shelter (17) Camp-Out Nights

  9. Water balloon fights/swim! (18) Bike rides

This summer, make sure to focus on YOU! Don’t procrastinate in summer classes and make sure to spend plenty of time outside. Most importantly, focus on hobbies and crafts that make you happy. Summer is the perfect time to find yourself again and reconnect with friends and family without the pressure of a full-time school schedule. Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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