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Must Watch Christmas Movies

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Written by Emily Ilene Martinez

This movie stars Kaitlyn Maher who plays Quinn. Quinn is the main character as an orphan girl trying to save Santa Claus. When she first became an orphan she made friends with the oldest girl in her orphanage named Willamina. Santa Paws is about magical dogs who team up with children from the orphanage Quinn lives in to save Santa Claus after getting hit by a cab in New York and losing his memory. They are on a mission to save Christmas. It may sound very childish, but it's a nice throwback.

Happiest Season is one of my favorite Christmas movies. It's a drama movie with romance and comedy. A young woman decides to spend Christmas with her girlfriend and her family, but little does she know it will not be the way she expected. Even after planning out her engagement and trip with her possible future fiance and her family, nothing goes according to plan.

The Santa Clause is about a divorced father who has custody of his son. One night he accidentally killed a man in a Santa suit and was taken to the North Pole, where he was told by elves he would take the place of Santa. After he went back to his house over time, he started gaining weight and growing a white beard. He didn't believe anything was real and expected to wake up to what he thought to be a dream. Was he dreaming?

Holiday Calendar is about a young woman who is a photographer. She inherits a holiday advent calendar which turns out to be more than expected when it starts predicting the future! Will this calendar lead her to the answers she's been looking for?

Last but not least, the MUST-watch Christmas movie is How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

Dr. Suess' How The Grinch Stole Christmas is my absolute favorite Christmas movie. It follows the story of a man who lives on the highest mountain on the outskirts of Whoville, who hates Christmas. He is sick of people being happy on Christmas while he has to be alone. So he comes up with a plan to steal Christmas.

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