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Movie Night! 09/01

By Rafael Almanza

On Friday, September 1st, ASB hosted a movie night for SOAR High School. The film that was featured was Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in the Lecture hall next to Sage Hall on AVC Lancaster Campus, from 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Entry was two dollars per person or three dollars for two people.

Many clubs sold snacks at the event for the movie. Clubs’ snack options were as follows:

  • Class of 25 sold Chick-fil-A meals for $15, and soda for $2.

  • Class of 27 sold hot Cheetos for $2 and with cheese for $3.

  • Yearbook sold donuts for $2.

  • ASB sold water for $1, popcorn for $2, and pizza slices for $2.

Both lecture halls had to be used because so many people could attend the event. Some clubs even sold out of snacks due to the amount of purchases made. Class of 25’s very own, Photini Quarmount, who helped sell tickets at movie night said that “Movie night was a huge success because it really brought a lot of people together creating a lot of school spirit and ASB is really proud of the clubs and classes that also showed up.” Class of 25’s president, Amber C. Calderon had this to say about the event, “At first I was scared of what the turn out would be. We ended up opening two theaters. It turned out great, if you didn’t go, you should next time!” Overall lots of people had fun with their friends, and enjoyed the movie and spending that time together. This school year is filled with different events for students to partake in, so we hope to see you there!

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