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Morocco's devastating earthquake

Updated: Feb 7

By Kendall Raposas

This year on September 8th, Morocco has fallen victim to a deadly earthquake. Morocco is no stranger to earthquakes but this was one of the deadliest ones they have faced since 1960. The earthquake caused at least 2,900 deaths and has also caused over 5,500 injuries. The earthquake hit at a magnitude of 6.8 and ran 11.5 miles into the ground. Marrakesh, a city in Morocco suffered severely from these results.

Marrakesh wasn’t the only area that was severely affected. Two of the other cities were Taroudant and Chichaoua. Taroudant earthquake affected everyone in the area and had 452 deaths in total. Chichaoua earthquakes killed 201 people. These numbers are devastating but a citizen of Morocco shares their perspective on it. While being interviewed Mchabcheb stated that, “Whether you were poor or rich, you would contribute with whatever you had. I mean, if you can't contribute with money, you contribute with blood. If you couldn't contribute with blood, you just contribute with money and groceries and all types of things. In this past year during the World Cup, I've seen Moroccans celebrating together, and now we're just grieving together.”

They found it inspiring that so many people came together and helped everyone recover from the destruction of Morocco. Mchabcheb and his schoolmates helped by joining a nationwide network. The network helped by delivering food and emergency supplies. An organization that helped with the earthquake was the International Medical Corps. This organization helped send in rescue teams to help the people most affected escape.

The people of Morocco all came together to help others rise above the destruction. Everyone did their part to heal Morocco. The rebuilding has begun in the Jewish Quarter in Marrakech.

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