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LIfting Off Into the New School Year

Updated: Aug 20

By Juliet Jefferson

Staff Writer

Another year of classes and fun has begun, and SOAR is kicking it into high gear! With the first day of school now behind us, everyone is slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things. Students were seen catching up with friends and meeting new teachers, setting a positive tone for the beginning of the semester.

From two new teachers to a familiar face’s return, this new school year is ripe with change. Mr. Newman is the new Physics and Forensic Biology teacher while Ms. Roa teaches English 11, AVID 11, and Creative Writing. Speaking of familiar faces, Mrs. Jefferson is back and now teaches Civics, Economics, and Contemporary Issues, as well as Yearbook, Journalism, and AVID. Finally, Mrs. Franklin is now a senior teacher and teaches AVID, Ethnic Cultures, ERWC, and ASB.

When asked about her new classes and how the first day of school went, Mrs. Franklin said that while there were a few hiccups and misunderstandings, including walking into her class to find a college professor and his students already in her room, she was excited for the year ahead.

“The first day of school was amazing; however, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t without issues. There is something that will go wrong because as much as we plan, it’s just the nature of what we do," she noted.

Like Mrs. Franklin said, problems are always inevitable, so it is important to deal with them as they come up and not expect everything to be perfect.

Teachers are not the only ones thrilled about the new school year. Students find themselves ready for the next chapter of their high school journey. One student, Maylin Maldonado, said that they would rate their first day of school a 7/10 and that their favorite teacher so far was Ms. Agnew.

“Ms. Agnew is really nice and I’ve just really enjoyed her class so far," she said.

So whether you are a freshman who just finished summer school or a senior almost about to graduate, the first day of school is an experience that everyone goes through.

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