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Kiss the Ground

By Dilinna Ugochukwu

Kiss the Ground, is a documentary I watched recently which discussed the need for regenerative agriculture to stop anthropogenic climate change. The documentary at it’s core is about hope for a better future and offering a solution to the climate crisis.

In this documentary they show the practicality of regenerative farming and the way that it’s practices have been used across the world. They also boldly claim that if agriculture turned to regenerative agriculture that humans could reverse climate change and remove CO2 from the atmosphere using soil carbon sequestration. The documentary does a good job breaking down regenerative farming into four different things, cover crops and crop rotation for biodiversity, no more tilling for soil strength, no more chemicals or fertilizers on the plants, and free grazing animals.

What I really enjoyed from this film was Woody Harrelson’s optimism and the n optimism of the climate activist that were featured in the documentary. I also liked learning about regenerative farming practices and being shown examples of it working, at least for the successful de-desertification of large areas of land.

What I didn’t like was that in the film they try and scare us away from what we’d consider modern or ”traditional” farming by saying the chemicals used in modern farming are linked with pediatric cancer, birth defects, and ADHD in children. There are only loose links between chemicals used in modern farming and ADHD. But besides that I didn’t like how the documentary tried to use people's fear of things like ADHD to get his point across.

I do recommend this film, because I feel it is easier to learn about regenerative farming through watching it, although I wish the documentary portrayed some things differently.

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